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We just uploaded our english documents about Social Innovation in Chile in the Library. Enjoy the reading!

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Seba Aruta at Balloon U: “Definitely a unique opportunity”

Balloon U was a unique opportunity to apply my knowledge to the service of our entrepreneurs. I realized that I ended up learning more from them, than they from me. It is incredible the difference that is made by just giving them a word of encouragement or just recognizing the value of what these local […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Because this has been a very complete year, full of achievements and challenges, is that we want to say by to him by thanking everyone for their collaboration and commitment. We look forward to a similar or better 2017. Also, very Merry Christmas. A big hug, IIS Santiago and Concepción Team Marlen Gac María José […]

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Education students won the contest of “transformative Ideas”

Two students of the Faculty of Education were awarded today for their innovative ideas that seek to improve the quality of education in Chile. Sofia and María Jesús are moving to 4th year and given the experience in their practices, they decided to break with the status quo and start planning solutions. Together the Faculty […]

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A successful first generation of Balloon U!

With a lot of motivation, commitment and above all with desire to continue working, the first generation of students from the “University Balloon” came back home. Francisca, Delia, Fari, Trinidad, Sebastián and Joaquín form the group of 6 UDD students, that with more than 12 students of UC Engineering and Federico Santa María University worked […]

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13 teams of UDD Concepción students enrolled in Hult Prize competition

Universidad Católica, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de la Frontera and Universidad del Desarrollo participate representing Chile. Hult Prize is an international social entrepreneurship competition, in which students from different universities must develop projects that solve or mitigate social problems worldwide. For this year, 13 teams of students UDD Concepción participate to solve the challenge assigned: […]

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Universities have the role of forming students that show commitment to their country, generate knowledge and make it available to their communities and Minka is an opportunity to begin that work actively

Cristián Figueroa, Executive Director of the Institute 


“Social entrepreneurship should be seen and accepted as a powerful tool to combat inequality, with capacity to venture into areas where the “failure state” does not allow this to be the most suitable agent for solving people problems.”

Hernán Cheyre, President of the Institute of Social Innovation Directory UDD-FMK 


The institute of social innovation responds to a growing need to support the development of innovative projects with high social impact , since they often represent challenges that are unique to the area and needing a special development for it. From this perspective the Institute fulfills a key role is the support, monitoring and training on topics of social innovation, as relevant to the development of our country.

Nickolas Laport, Academic Director – iCubo UDD


Imagine that instead of asking a academic what is teaching or a student what are you studying , we asked what problem are you solving? what’s its purpose? We all have the ability to provide solutions to the problems that affect us as a society, and in that sense the universities are a powerful space to form and inspire professionals with purpose.

Alexandra Edwards, Director of Ashoka