Semana Sello: 1er Encuentro: ¡Levántate #@%^*!

Through a reflection session and collaborative work, the main challenges of leading in Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), was held on Monday 28th of August at 6:00 p.m. in the Space of co-work in Plaza I, organized by the Directorate of Public Accountability, iCubo, and the FEUDD with the attendance of 25 student leaders.

The activity “Get up # @% ^ * !: How to increase participation in your UDD initiative”, carried out in the framework of Semana Sello, seeking to promote active behavior in the University leading students, in order to increase the interest of the UDD community involving students, teachers, administrators, and authorities, in order form them to know the concerns as well as represent their interests to promote Semana Sello of Public Responsibility.

Meanwhile, Sebastián Salinas imparted a talk based on participation and indifference, regarding the importance of participation in social projects that are carried out in the society, “there are many young people who are dissatisfied with the world, whom are changemakers in need to increase the motivation for involvement in public accountability activities” mentioned the Founder of Ballon Latam.

Through a workshop moderated by Nickolas Laport, Deputy Director of iCubo, the students individually conducted a “silent brainstorming” of ideas, which later worked in groups, in order for them to generate proposals for strategies to increase participation and be able to take advantage of the instances of university life, politics, sports, and culture among others that are dictated in the University.

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